Welcome to the Dark Side with Ron Cuzner!

This podcast rebroadcasts classic Ron Cuzner jazz shows transcribed from cassette and CD recorded between 20 and 30 years ago.

Many jazz fans will tell you that Ron was perhaps the greatest jazz DJ of them all.
He appeared on a number of Milwaukee stations, starting his show at midnight and finishing up at 5:30 or 6:00 AM.
His unique delivery and straight-ahead jazz picks made him a favorite for many years.

Since these shows are transcribed from radio broadcasts originally recorded to cassette,
please forgive the occasional FM noise and the edits necessary to create these roughly 90 minute podcasts.
Since I have hundreds of cassettes, hopefully these podcasts will continue for the next several years.
I will post new shows on a semi-regular basis as I am able.

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Subscribe by pasting the following link into Podkicker: http://www.roncuzner.com/darkside.xml

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Great news! There is a new podcast thread! Several fans have come forward with new recordings, and all you need to do is add this to your podcast list...

I just found out that the new feed is now live on iTunes. Go to the iTunes store to find it.
You simply need to search for "The Dark Side with Ron Cuzner" and you will see two podcasts.
Click on the one that is "The Dark Side with Ron Cuzner 2" and subscribe. You will then get the new shows.
All new shows will be posted to this feed.

NEW! Ron Cuzner Ringtones!
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For information or comments, please email me at info@roncuzner.com